Fast Fitness Form: Forearm Plank 101

Love them or hate them, planks are a go-to for anyone looking for a transformative, full body workout. When done correctly, they can effectively engage not only your core, but nearly your entire body!

This full body workout in a single move doesn’t come easily. In order to reap the full benefits, proper form is key. 

Here are a few helpful tricks to keep in mind the next time you drop it down for a forearm plank…


-Droopy lower back and hips

-Butt high in the air

-Disengaged or stiff neck

-Holding your breath 



-Elbows directly under shoulders and feet hip width apart

-Extend your body

-Keep your back flat and your core engaged, and belly button pulled in

-Stretch out through your heels, stay on the tops of your toes 

-Squeeze glutes and quads together; they should be tight and engaged 

-Keep your head and neck neutral

-Gaze over fingertips

-Don’t forget to breathe. You’ve got this!


Ready to see a perfect plank in action? Watch WFCC personal trainer, Brittney, break it down for you:


We’re always here to help perfect your fitness form. If you’re ever unsure about a move, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our personal trainers for their expert advice!

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