Keeping Up Your Fitness Routine When You Can’t Get To The Gym

Summer is here, which means it might be tougher for you to get to the gym. Between the kids being at home, wedding season, and vacation plans, you might just not make it into the gym as often as you would like. So, what should you do to stay fit?

First, you can go outside to exercise. If you have kids (or a dog), this is a great way to stay fit. Schedule afternoon or after-dinner activities outdoors, like walks or bike rides. During heat alerts, some community pools stay open late. They’re a great way to work in some activity and some family time while cooling off. And if you’re up at the cottage, there’s always the lake!

Another option is to work physical activity into your vacation plan. You can book bike tours of major cities, or kayak tours on lakes and canals surrounding your destination. Those are both more fun options than hitting the hotel gym, assuming that there is one.

If you must stay at home and can’t hit the gym — say your car is in the shop, or you’re staying home with a sick kid — you can try yoga, resistance bands, or a jumprope workout. iTunes, YouTube, and Netflix, and other content streaming services can grant you access to videos and programs that can help. However, if you’re sick, don’t bother. You’ll get better faster if you get some rest. Don’t push it. Besides, if you’re staying home for sickness and still have the energy to skip rope, you should probably be back at work, anyway.

The biggest asset to maintaining your fitness while being away from the gym is your diet and sleep routines. If you can’t manage the exercise, at least make sure to eat your veggies and drink plenty of water, then go to bed at a reasonable hour. Not doing so can have a nasty impact on your health – and you’ll be ready to hit the gym again as soon as you can if you keep up your other healthy habits!

Whatever your schedule, WFCC can help. Whether you need a personal trainer to help you figure out exercises to do while you’re away, or whether you need classes that fit your busy schedule, we can help you be your best self in your best shape!