Guest Post: Vegan Gluten-Free “Pasta” Recipe!

This is a guest post by WFCC Promenade PT Heather Chapman, who also writes the blog Vegan’s Secret. Head over there for more great raw, vegan ideas! This raw vegan recipe was inspired by Fully Raw Kristina‚Äôs recipes. It is one of my new favourite recipes! I just got my new spiralizer and could not […]

Your Dinner Made Healthy in 5 Easy Steps (plus a great recipe!)

This is a guest post by Lori Kennedy of WOW! Weight Loss, the nutrition program available at all WFCC clubs. Find out more at their website, or follow them on Twitter @woww8loss! If you’re interested in getting into a healthy eating groove, you can email Lori directly, too. Do think you’re eating healthy meals, but […]