A Lifetime of Yoga

If you’ve never tried it for yourself, you probably at least have one friend who practises yoga. One of them may even be one of those practitioners who claims that yoga can cure just about everything that ails you. While that in itself isn’t true, yoga does hold a ton of health benefits for people […]

Meditating On Your Health

After the holidays are over, it’s easy to focus solely on the health of our bodies: we gained a few pounds, we got out of step with our fitness routines, we feel sluggish because it’s so dark and damp and chilly. But with a month of winter yet to come before the social events of […]

Fit for Life: Pilates and the Art of Aging Gracefully

Ready to get into Pilates? You can see the Pilates classes offered by WFCC here, or you can work with one of our excellent personal trainers to do some one-on-one Pilates work! Get in touch to see how we can help. You’ve probably heard about the seemingly never-ending list of celebrities who are devotees of Pilates. But […]

Downward Dog, Upward Soul: 3 Benefits of Yoga for Women as they Age

As many women age they may feel resigned to the telltale signs of the aging process and how they manifest in the body– decreased endurance, flexibility, bone density, muscle mass and general fitness level. Although there’s no way to turn back the clock, numerous studies have shown that being active at every stage of life has positive benefits […]