Take A Spin With Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada!

We’re thrilled to announce our new arrivals: dozens of new spin cycles across all our clubs. We’re taking our spin classes to a whole new level to help get you ramped up and in shape.

Spinning is a unique, intense way to get fit; it’s for people who are looking for classes focused on endurance, strength, and calorie burning. Spinning is serious fitness, but it’s serious fun too. Read on to discover the fantastic benefits of spinning.

Burn calories and tone up. Spinning puts you on a stationary bike, you set the tension and your pace, then music blasts and your instructor will guide you through the workout. You’re in constant motion, so you can burn up to 500 calories in just 45 minutes. And since your legs are pumping and your core is constantly engaged, your legs and tummy will get tighter and leaner. It’s a complete body workout.

Build endurance. Ever find yourself gasping for breath on the top step, or slowing down towards the end of a hike? Spinning lets you gradually increase your tempo so your body gets used to working harder and longer. The more often you spin, the stronger you’ll get and the better your overall endurance. Your heart will thank you.

It’s all about the cyclist high. Pumping tunes, enthusiastic teachers, interval training, and the team spirit that comes with a shared class all add up to one fun workout. Plus, you’ll leave with a wonderful feeling of euphoria that only comes after a truly intense, satisfying workout. Those endorphins will also contribute to your overall feeling of wellness and relieve stress. So you’ll look and feel great.

Your workout, your way. Yes, spinning is in a group setting and requires a certain degree of intensity. But you can set the tension and tempo of your workout as your instructor pushes you to reach peaks and heart-rate targets, so you can gradually build up to superstar cyclist. Plus, it’s a fantastic low-impact exercise that’ll leave you dripping with sweat and happy joints.

Bring your bike inside. Let’s face it, we live in a harsh climate. It’s not suited to year-round cycling. But for those of us who love nothing more than a good bike ride in beautiful weather, spinning lets us keep that passion going throughout the winter. Once you’ve attained those shapely cyclist legs and butt, you’ll want to keep it up all year round.

So take a look at our spin classes and join us. You’ll be reaching new fitness milestones in no time!