Fit With A Little Help From Friends: The Key To Long-Term Motivation

Fitness lull? With a little help from a friend, fitness will feel less “dull” and more “let’s it do it all!” 


Here are a few ways working out with a BFF (Best Fitness Friend) can be a game-changer for maintaining long-term fitness motivation: 


You’ll have more accountability.

You’ll be less likely to slack on your workout plans if you know there is another person there waiting for you, looking out for you, and maybe even calling you out!


Healthy competition will mean more sweat and quicker results.  

Cutting corners on performance will also feel like less of an option in the presence of a workout pal –and that’s a good thing. Nothing fuels an amazing workout like a little dose of healthy competition! 


You’re going to have more fun. 

A workout buddy will also be there to laugh with you over any slip-ups and suggest different workouts you may not have thought up on your own. This kind of stand-out support will keep you motivated whenever you’re nearing a dreaded “fitness plateau.” Bonus fact: a study by The University of California noted that people who exercised with a friend, spouse or coworker found exercise notably more enjoyable than when they got their sweat on solo. 


You’ll reap even more of the stress reduction benefits of exercise.

Exercise in any form can be accompanied by many mental health benefits, including stress reduction (read about a few more of them here). However, according to a study by the International Journal of Stress Management, social exercise results in even more stress reduction compared to exercising alone. Fun partner workout with a side of extra calmness, anyone?


Both of you will share a rewarding experience. 

One of the stand-out benefits of having a workout buddy is sharing your common fitness-related experiences and interests with them – whether that’s your latest program, an awesome healthy recipe you tried, or simply sharing a bench press. Working out with a partner shifts the mindset of exercise feeling chore-like to an occasion you look forward to; a time when you do something good for your body, learn and connect with a friend on a deeper level. 


Share this article with someone you think would make an amazing work out buddy! Still searching for one? Reap the benefits of social exercise and maybe meet the one in one of our group classes. Or, consider stepping it up with a professional personal trainer (aka the ultimate workout buddy).