Get in Gear with Great Workout Wear!

Lululemon Tie and Fly Tank, from their run collection. Click to go to the Lululemon website.

We all want to get fit and stay healthy, but time is hard to come by in your busy, active life – and the last thing you want is to go to the gym in clothes that won’t help you get the workout you want. There’s no need to add anxiety when it comes to dressing yourself! We’re put together some tips today as to workout gear that’s as good-looking as it is well-fitting.

The biggest temptation, whether we’re new to exercise or a pro, is to wear what we’ve
always worn. Resist tossing on a baggy cotton t-shirt and ratty shorts. Instead, check out the options for the type of exercise you love.

If your preferred exercise is running or other high energy cardio, you need clothes that will manage the rivers of sweat you’ll be generating. That cotton t-shirt will weigh you down before your first interval has started! Look for “technical” fabrics, which are space age wonders that wick sweat away before it can even begin to pool in your bra. has more than just skirts for more than just running; you can find an
outfit for almost any activity that will make you sweat, including golf. While it’s best known
for stylish yogawear, Lululemon (a sponsor of the WFCC Show We Care Gala and Fashion Show!) also has a line of clothes just for running that lives up to their reputation for well-made clothes that look great on nearly every body.

Yoga and pilates gear is less about sweat and more about freedom. Structured
waistbands and loose shirts make for an uncomfortable class, one where you can’t get
into pigeon pose or downward dog. The trick is finding clothes that are tight enough to cover your body but not so tight that you can’t breathe. Again, Lululemon has perfected yoga gear. Tonic Lifestyle Apparel keeps their gear simple but flattering. If you want to go for some hometown pride, the Roots yoga line can stand up to even the most vigorous asana.

Dance clothes need to pull double duty — manage your sweat and free your movement. Plus, Zumba class should be fun from the moment you change into your dancing clothes. While you can shake your groove thing in regular gear, why not add some Latin spice just to keep it interesting?

Weightlifting, like kettle bell classes, might seem like the one exercise that encourages your t-shirt and shorts. But you do need to steer clear of clothes that are too big. Flappy fabric both obscures your form and can get caught in equipment — either of which can lead to injury. Ice Gear Fitness Apparel fits close but not too close. Plus, once the weather cools off, their tops and pants make a great base layer for outdoor sports.

What’s your favourite workout gear? Why?