Everything You Need To Know About Our HIIT 45 Classes

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training which is short bursts of exercise done with the highest intensity of vigor that is safely possible. Every set requires that you push your body’s limits and challenge yourself.

HIIT 45 is known for packing an effective punch in a short window of time –making it a quick favourite amongst busy “WFCC-ers”. Another stand-out of any HIIT routine is its unique ability to drive the body to continue to burn additional calories even post-workout. This physiological effect is known as EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) or the “Afterburn Effect”  –AKA one of the fitness world’s best kept secrets.


What are the differences and benefits of each HIIT 45 class offered at Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada?

HIIT 45 – Strength offers a core focus on heavy weights and lower reps. This version of HIIT is all about building muscular strength. You’ll definitely feel like flexing after this class!

HIIT 45 – Cardio agility training and plyometrics are at the heart of this class. It’s the perfect pick for anyone looking to improve their cardio endurance and get their heart pumping!

HIIT 45 – Mix  is a balanced blend of strength and cardio training. This class is perfect for anyone looking to shake up their fitness routine with variety


How often should I practice HIIT 45?

Generally two or three classes per week are recommended for optimal results. However, it’s important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all with fitness! What works for your closest friend may not work for you, for example. You know your body best and we recommend that you listen to what it is telling you. What works for you one week may be different the next; factors such as diet, hormones, and stress all contribute to our bodies’ fluctuating needs for physical activity and rest. If you’re ever confused about this, remember we’re here to help –don’t hesitate to ask one of our instructors or personal trainers for their expert advice! 


What are the key differences between HIIT 45 and Alloy Team Training? 


-Womens Fitness group exercise class, included in membership fee and only available to members

-modifications will be suggested by coaches in initial demonstrations and suggestions given throughout the class 

-2 coaches for each class, one leading and one assisting 

-limit of 30 participants per class

-45 minutes long

-always running, a part of the group exercise schedule 


Alloy Team Training (coming to WFCC Burlington September 30th 2019)

-additional paid program, not included in membership fee and available to both members and non-members

-has an on boarding assessment process and personal training approach

-tiered program suitable for different fitness goals: Afterburn, Foundations, Industrial Strength, Small Group Personal Training

-small group personal training with 1 coach 

-limit of 16 participants per class 

-an emphasis on team work – “Stronger Together.” You’ll be training with the same group consistently – you’re on this fitness journey together! 

-45 minutes long

-always running, with static class times but not a part of the group exercise schedule


Curious about HIIT? Give it a try! Sign up for one of our classes today. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a quick and effective workout at home, turn up the heat fast with our Director of Personal Training’s top 3 HIIT moves to get fit fast.