Making Exercise at Our Thornhill Gym a Healthy Habit

Couldn’t make it to the gym again today? Our lives are so hectic nowadays, that it’s hard enough to find time for meals, let alone getting to the gym for a workout. Your days are filled with hurriedly getting yourself and the family together in the morning, rushing to work, or rushing around town completing errands. Then there’s taking care of your house, taking care of kids, finding time to scrape together meals, then falling into bed exhausted at night – all while trying to convince yourself that all the running around counted as a workout.

At Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada in Thornhill, located in the Promenade Mall, we’re here to help. We believe it is essential that you find time in your crazy, busy world to take care of yourself, to put yourself first — and we’re here to help you make that happen!

Our Thornhill gym offers personal training, available anytime your schedule allows. Our certified trainers are incredibly knowledgeable in all things fitness and will help you develop a workout routine with nothing but your goals in mind. You won’t spend time on exercise that doesn’t help you reach your goals. Personal trainers are available to put you through your paces whenever you are able to fit it in during the day, and send you on your way feeling as though you could take on the world.

If you are one who enjoys the energy of others, our Thornhill health club also offer small group training and group fitness classes to satisfy that need for a little healthy competition. We offer a wide range of times to give you the flexibility to fit in exercise when it is most convenient for you.

Our gym in Thornhill also offers onsite babysitting services. If your main barrier to healthy activity is the need for childcare, our caregivers will keep your kids safe and entertained while you are able to fit in that hour for yourself.

Give yourself permission to do something for you. While we know your days are full and busy, we would like to give you that hour for yourself. Come on in and see us!