Fast Fitness Form: Squat 101

Feel like you don’t know squat about squats? You’re not alone – this signature workout move has an intimidating reputation for a reason. They are tough! “A squat can be a lot more challenging than it looks,” adds Gillian Blackett, long-time personal trainer and group fitness instructor at Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada‘s Promenade Mall and Richmond Hill locations.

When it comes to fitness, we’re always up for a challenge, though—that’s why we talked to Gillian to break down the dos and don’ts of proper squat form!


Here are a few expert tricks to remember the next time you drop it down for a squat…


-Arching your back

-Slouching and/or disengaging your back and core

-Looking down at your feet while squatting

-Overextending your squat

-Locking your knees



-Place your feet shoulder width apart

-Plant your feet flat and firmly on the ground

-Make sure that your knees are behind your toes

-Keep your chest and head up, gaze forward

-Engage your core. Stay strong!

-Sit back as if you are sitting in a chair

-Only sit as low as you can while maintaining the “dos” listed above

-Push up with power through your grounded feet. Look at you go! 


Fast Fitness Form: Squat

“There are many ways to develop a basic squat,” says Gillian. “Stick with these tips until you are comfortable enough to progress to more advanced techniques.” Then reach out to one of our certified personal trainers for help!

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