Shake Up That Summer Workout Routine!

The middle of summer can throw a wrench into your standard workout routine. It’s hot
— and the end isn’t yet in sight. Plus, the heat makes everything seem to slow down,
almost as if time itself has started to melt. Your 30 minute run usually seems to take 30 minutes, or 20 on a really, really good day. In mid-July, it can feel like it takes about an hour (or four).

Shake yourself out of the midsummer lassitude with some of the best new trends in fitness classes – all offered at WFCC! (Check out the website for class schedules and details.)

Dance is hot — in an “everybody loves it” way — right now. You can move your body to Latin music in Zumba or Brazilian fusion in Batuka. Tone your abs in a Belly Dance class. If you remember the ‘80s (or are feeling retro), check out the ‘80s cardio remix, where you can grapevine and pony until you forget about all of the unfortunate hairstyles inspired by the decade…

Functional fitness, where you strengthen the muscles you use in everyday life, is all the rage right now, too. Kettlebells, which look like bowling balls with handles, are perfect for working all of the muscle groups that are used most often while improving your stability and stamina. On the Ball classes do the same but with nearly every large, medium, and small ball in the center. If you want to challenge your balance, which will come in handy when sliding on the ice this winter, think about bouncing in to a Kangoo Jumps class.

Now is also the perfect time to investigate the class that you’ve always been curious about, like Vertical Pilates, which takes the standard exercises and turns them 90 degrees. Nordic Walking pushes you well beyond a stroll through the mall (our personal trainer Rosi Vanderheijden, who works at our Pickering location, offers some great Nordic walking classes; head over to her website for details). If you want to thumb your nose at this steamy season, drop into a Hot Yoga class, where you can sweat and stretch your body while you calm your mind.

A change in your routine might be just what you need to power through to the fall!